StorageBox versus Traditional Self Storage

Self Storage Dublin

StorageBox can save you both time and money when compared with our competitors in “Traditional” Self Storage – we know you’ll agree when you read our comparison table below!


Traditional Self Storage


1 Phone to book & reserve your Storage unit Phone to book & reserve your Storage unit
2 Phone to book a van rental or a Man with Van service. – if you’re lucky get a friend to help and you’ll owe them a BIG favour!!! Your StorageBox will be delivered to your home or Business. Pack it at your own pace and lock it from your own front door
3 Pick up the van or wait for the man with van to arrive – (or what will your mate need you to do in return?!?!?!) Finished! StorageBox will pick up your storage boxes and store it for you in our secure warehouse
4 Load the van, or watch your belongings get loaded for you. Your now paying for a Storage unit and Removals! (or maybe a big night out for your friend!!) For re-delivery, simply repeat these steps in reverse. Easy!
5 Drive your belongings to the Storage facility.
6 Unload the van, or get the Man with Van service to unload it for you.
7 Move your belongings to your storage unit down long, shared hallways – why is it always the furthest from the door!
8 Load your belongings into your storage unit.
9 Rush to get diesel for your van and get it back to the rental depot on time or you will incur more charges!
10 Repeat these steps in reverse when you want your belongings redelivered.

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