Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming

The jolliest time of the year is just around the bend. Christmas is on everyone’s mind. Between the hectic preparations such as the turkey, the gifts and the tree it’s hard to keep your head on straight! Here are a few tips and tricks for this year’s holiday preparations.

One of the looming problems is space. Where to put things, how to make space for guests, where the tree is going to fit. What can you do? Everything just seems so muddled up. Well fear not because StorageBox is here to help.

To clear out smaller things such as toys store them in places such as drawers, wardrobes and cabinets. That way you can still get to these smaller items without them taking up any space. The space under a bed can be perfect for boxes of items when the cabinets are full and hooks can be used to show off your items without space being stolen.

Now that’s the smaller items done, let’s move onto the larger items such as furniture. Decluttering your home can be a lot of work, but StorageBox can make it much easier. Instead of finding spaces to cram your items into or filling up every last centimetre of space with furniture to make space for the tree and beds and chairs for guests only to have to move them again in a matter of weeks is way to much effort.

How it works:

• Firstly, decide what furniture and other items you want to remove from your home;

• Order a StorageBox to come to your home on the day of your choice. You would be amazed at how much you can fit into a StorageBox. Most people only require one StorageBox unless you are moving out completely. We can help you to decide what you need.

• The StorageBox will arrive to your house on your chosen day. You pack your possessions into the container in a way that you are happy that they are safe.

• The StorageBox is then locked by you and removed for safe storage at our storage facility.

• You can then focus on the Christmas fun and relaxation. Once you are ready to receive your belongings, book the StorageBox to be returned to you at your home on the day you wish.

• The StorageBox will arrive, with everything still safely locked in the container.

It really is that simple.

When packing put heavy items into small boxes. This will make them easier to carry. Larger boxes can hold light objects. We would suggest to be careful about the items you pack. Don’t pack items you feel you will need before you plan on having the items returned. Otherwise you will be looking for that iron you use every morning when it’s actually under a bunch of other things!!

Getting rid of old unwanted things is a good way to clean up and declutter. While you may feel attached to that old broken photo frame or the books you haven’t read in years, it might be a good idea to make space for new things. There are many way to go about this. Broken and unusable things should be binned. (Make sure that you put them in the correct bins though.) things that can be reused on the other hand can be given to a friend, family member or a charity. Some charities include; St Vincent de Paul, Enable Ireland and Barnardo’s.

So all in all the big picture here is to have a wonderful, stress-free Christmas. Let StorageBox help you with that. Be it with our tips and advice or our Self Storage Service we hope that what we do can make your holidays relaxing.

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