How can StorageBox help you sell your house?

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StorageBox helps you sell your house

Moving house is one of the most difficult things people will face in life. Caught between selling your current home and trying to find a new one, the whole process can become quite stressful. Anything you can do to make this process run smoothly really helps to make the move a success Storage Units Dublin.

It usually takes 3-6 months for most houses to find a buyer and another 3 months for the actual move to take place. The time is takes to sell your house depends on so many different factors, from the location, type and condition of your house, to the type of buyer and price expectation. Many of these factors are beyond your control or influence. Storage Units Dublin However, there are some things you can do to help to find a buyer more quickly and to achieve a more favorable price.

Storage Units Dublin There is so much advice available on how to prepare your home to sell. The basic principles are to have your house looking like a showhouse, a canvas for potential buyer to imagine themselves living in your house. give great advice on selling your home. SherryFitzgerald have a great website on selling your home, including a video called ‘Dress to Impress’ on how to prepare your home to get the best chance of a buyer and the best price. These and almost every expert will tell you that you must Declutter and Depersonalise your home. The intention is to present your home as a spacious, clean environment that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in.

Unfortunately, in most homes over time people accumulate so many possessions including furniture, pictures, books, lamps and everything else. This is normal living. However, to sell your home you need your house to look like a showhouse. This can be very difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain over months as you have to repeatedly show your house, often at short notice. Clearing your house of as much clutter, excess furniture, and personal items as possible will make the house look more spacious and will be much easier to maintain. Some people put their possessions in their attic, or at a friend’s or relative’s house. But most furniture items cannot be stored in attics and apartments and many other homes do not have attics.

This is where StorageBox is the perfect solution and can take all of the hassle out of storing your possessions.

Here’s how Storage Box works:

• Firstly, you have decided what furniture and other items must be removed from your home;
• You order a StorageBox to come to your home on the day of your choice. You would be amazed at how much you can fit into a StorageBox. Most people only require one StorageBox unless you are moving out completely. We can help you to decide what you need.
• The StorageBox will arrive to your house on your chosen day. You pack your possessions into the container in a way that you are happy that they are safe.
• The StorageBox is then locked by you and then removed for safe storage at our storage facility.
• You can then focus on selling your home and finding a new one. Once you are ready to receive your belongings, you book the StorageBox to be returned to you at your new home.
• The StorageBox will arrive, with everything still safely locked in the container.

Storage Units Dublin

StorageBox can make moving to your new house more convenient. Already having many of your possessions packed and ready to go can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders. Of course, safety is always a given with StorageBox so you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in good hands, the only thing you have to think about now is the new adventures you will find in your new home!

Selling a house is tough but just know that StorageBox is here to help!

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