Benefits of Using a Storagebox for Your self Storage Needs

Benefits Self storage Dublin

Benefits of Using a Storage Box

Mobile Self Storage Units Dublin Growth

Self Storage has grown rapidly around the world and become common place in the western world over the past decade or more. In Ireland we have seen an increased presence of Self Storage Units Dublin centres in recent years. StorageBox has brought a new concept to the self storage marketplace in the past 3 years which makes self storage an easier for the customer. A StorageBox revolutionises the whole self storage process.

StorageBox Self Storage Units Dublin 

StorageBoxes can be used to storage almost anything in your home or business. They can be delivered to any location once a car can get there and once there is no restriction on height. From inner Dublin to country houses a StorageBox can be delivered as a Self Storage Units Dublin Solution.

StorageBox Benefits

Once it arrives the main benefit to our customers is not having to handle your items as much. Using a StorageBox cuts out 2/3rds of the handling compared with traditional self storage. The StorageBoxes are made of durable wood which can carry over 1400kg of weight and store up to 8 cubic metres. Because it is delivered to the customer, the customer can relax and let StorageBox worry about traffic, tolls and fuel, not to mention bad drivers!!!!

List of StorageBox Benefits

There are plenty of options in the marketplace for self storage but only a StorageBox has all of these benefits:

• Easy to use and Ease of access
• Quality Containers which keep your items safe and secure
• Packing at your leisure at your home/business
• Transport included in our business model
• Efficient return when you need
• Low cost

Self Storage from your front Door
Use Self Storage & Removals safely from your own home

A StorageBox at your door is the solution when you need to declutter and put your home on the market, and once you sell it’s the easy way to move to your new home. Just pick up the phone and we can deliver to your door.