Children and Moving Home with the help of StorageBox

Children and Moving Home with the help of StorageBox

Moving Boxes Dublin from one home to another can be a terrifying time for young children and a solemn time for those old enough to understand. On both occasions, the child is being forced to completely change their life. This can include; the area they are accustomed to, their friends, their hobbies and much more. Luckily there are ways to make this move easier on your little ones.

Step 1:

Talk to your child. Help them understand that everything is ok, that the move is for a reason and hopefully a good one.

Reassure them that it’s not something to fear, that although a lot of things are changing, change is not always a bad thing.

Make sure not to wait too long to explain this to the child. If you tell too close to the event they could be overwhelmed, leading to the move becoming more stressful and worrying for them.

Step 2:

Introduce them to the new surroundings and let them say goodbye to old surroundings beforehand.

If a child is very new to a place they could be overwhelmed with new information and places. This leads to the child connecting the new home to the stressful memory of everything being thrown on them at once. Let them meet new friends and scope for new schools all before the move actually occurs. This means that the child doesn’t have to worry about these things and will be welcomed into familiar territory.

When saying goodbye to the old surroundings let the child meet up with old friends and visit memorable places from the child’s past. This can let the child feel more at ease about the move as they get to see their favourite things one last time.

Step 3:

Be considerate of your child’s feelings.

As we have said before, this is tough on a child. They will most likely be experiencing a lot of emotions. Let them cry when they need to. They are children; they have yet to be accustomed to our expectations. Allow them to vent and get mad and cry, just make sure to calm them down and talk them through it afterwards. The worst thing you can do in this situation is return the anger. This can lead the child to grow guilty or tend to resentment to the parent for the stress.

A few ways to avoid outbreaks could be to build excitement.

Talk to them happily about it. Children are very impressionable. If they see that others are responding positively they will too. Another thing to do is to give them a choice. Many times, children are upset due to the lack of choice they are given in such a large decision that affects them. Let them choose things such as; their room colour, the furniture in said room, which room should hold what stuff. You may not always go with the child’s first choice, but the fact that they have been included should ease their tension and even plant a seed of pride in them that you trust them to help with these decisions.

Step 4:

Don’t make too many changes at once. Stick to a familiar schedule. If they usually wake up and go to sleep at a certain time don’t suddenly change that. If they have a hobby that they enjoy doing, try to give them the facilities and equipment to encourage them to continue.

Give them time to adjust. When you arrive at a new house set up the child’s room first. Therefore, it isn’t messing with the bedtime routine. If you used to always do a family activity on a certain day, continue. Even if you’re busy, it will help the child immensely.

Step 5:

Finally, we address the parents. This is a hard time for you too. You also find this a stressful time. But don’t worry because with our self-storage service, StorageBox can help.

 ·  Firstly, decide what furniture and other items you want to remove from your home;

 ·  Order a StorageBox to come to your home on the day of your choice.  You would be amazed at how much you can fit into a StorageBox. We have 2 sizes to choose from, standard and large. Most people only require one or two StorageBoxes.  We can help you to decide what you need.

·  The StorageBox will arrive to your house on your chosen day. You pack your possessions into the container in a way that you are happy that they are safe, or if you prefer, our expert team can pack your StorageBox for you.

·  The StorageBox is then locked by you and removed for safe storage at our storage warehouse, where it is kept secure and safe at all times.

·  You can then get your family moved, if there is a delay between your new home and your old home, don’t worry, at StorageBox we have it covered!

Once you are ready to receive your belongings, book the StorageBox to be returned to you at your new on the day you wish.

The StorageBox will arrive, with everything still safely locked in the container.  We can even help unpack it for you

It is that simple.

Moving house is a stressful time for children and adults. But please try not to be too stressed about it. For StorageBox is here to help!

StorageBox combine removals and self storage in one simple service

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