StorageBox Sizes

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StorageBox Mobile Storage Unit Large

Large StorageBox

Large Size Features

  • Size of a small Truck
  • Metal framed storage pod on rollers
  • Dimensions H x L x W:  6’ 3” x 13’ x 6’ or 1.94m x 4.05m x 1.8m
  • Lockable door
  • Exits delivery trailer by conveyor system
  • Lifted by forklift and stored in our Racking System for safe Storage
  • Metal frame can be used to secure items with bungees and straps
  • Can park trailer in normal parking space (height restrictions apply)
  • Start from €40 per week*


Storage Box Self Storage Standard Box

Standard StorageBox

Standard Size Features

  • Size of a Large Van
  • Wooden Crate fits into our delivery trailer – essentially a small shed on wheel
  • Dimensions H x L x W: 7’ 3” x 7’ x 5’ or 2.24m x 2.14m x 1.53m
  • Lockable door
  • Lifts out of delivery trailer by forklift
  • Stacks in our Warehouse for safe storage
  • Can park trailer in one a small parking space (height restrictions apply)
  • Start from €20 per week*


Student StorageBox

Student StorageBox Key Features

  • Easily Fits 2 really large suit-cases plus boxes and bags
  • Lockable Lid
  • 760 Litres of space
  • Double wall to protect your items
  • Handled by forklift in our ware-house so no weight is a problem
  • Pack & Store from your Student Residence!
  • Handling reduced by 66% – we collect, and redelivery – you pack and unpack only once!
  • Start from €12.5 per week

Please CLICK HERE to find out the Storage Box Delivery charge to your area.


*The prices are valid with the annual contract. If not looking for annual contract, the prices will be as following: Large Storage Box @ €50/Week, Standard Storage Box @ €25/Week.

N.B. The annual contract is offered only for the Large and Standard Storage box, Student Storage is only available on weekly basis.