Can mobile self storage help sell your house?

mobile self storage

Selling your house can be a daunting task. In addition to the stress of moving, the pressure is on to make your home feel as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Luckily, mobile self-storage can help your house look like a show home in no time. Decluttering your house can be key to catching the eye of its next owner, so let’s find out how mobile self-storage can make this process a lot easier Storage Units Dublin.

Start small – Decluttering your personal items:

Before taking on your larger pieces of furniture, take time to sort through your items. Your aim should be to clear away any personal paperwork, photographs, and seasonal decorations. While pictures of your family holiday to Lanzarote might hold great memories for you, they can make it difficult for a potential buyer to see your house as their living space. Storing these smaller items can ensure that your house is distraction-free Storage Units Dublin.

Less furniture, more free space:

Most homes will accumulate a lot of furniture over time. Not all pieces of furniture are completely necessary and bulkier items can make a space feel crowded. A less cluttered room can be more appealing to a potential buyer. Storing larger, surplus items of furniture can help achieve this and give the illusion of more free room in your living spaces.

How StorageBox can help:

At StorageBox, we understand the needs of our customers when they are selling their house. We can help with the decluttering process by offering a simple and hassle-free solution to your storage needs.

  • Our StorageBoxes come in Standard and Large sizes, depending on how many items you wish to store.
  • You can choose when your StorageBox arrives, to suit your schedule.
  • You pack your StorageBox at your leisure before we bring it to our secure storage facility.
  • Once you are ready to receive your items at your new home, we bring your StorageBox back to you.

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