StorageBox vs PODS

StorageBox vs PODS

Why chose StorageBox over PODS?

PODS have yet to launch in Ireland so therefore we are the only choice in the market for a mobile self storage solution. But we will go into detail over the pros and cons of StorageBox and PODS Ireland.

Our mobile storage trailer fleet is very adaptable when it comes to parking. With different sizes combined with our skilled drivers we can get our StorageBox trailers in almost anywhere. With 2 sizes to choose from, there is going to be one that will suit your location. Our standard size StorageBox will fit into a normal car parking space. Compared with PODS; there is no weight restriction to deliver one of our mobile storage trailers which are delivered by jeep, PODS use a large truck.

Portable Storage in Ireland is still a relatively new concept. PODS have a brilliant system whereby the unit can be loaded at ground level. This makes the loading and unloading far  we easier. With StorageBox we offer a similar concept to PODS but we use the mobile storage trailer to deliver our units. We offer 2 types of container, a fully sealed timber warehouse container and a steel framed unit which is similar to the system used by Zippy Shell. Again Zippy Shell Ireland has yet to commence trading which gives us the key advantage in the self-storage Generic Testosterone market.  With our system, our customers do have to step up into the unit which is a disadvantage when compared with PODS but we believe that this is outweighed by the delivery adaptability of StorageBox. In Ireland, PODS would struggle with the smaller sizes of our roads, estates and houses when compared with the U.S. market.

Both PODS and StorageBox deliver the Storage Unit directly to the customers doors. This is the big advantage mobile self storage has over traditional self storage. We save you time and money by bringing the solution to your front door. Our customers on average save 2/3rds of the time it takes to use a self-storage service compared with traditional providers.

StorageBox can accommodate long distance moves all over Ireland. We have been to every county at this stage including Northern Ireland. We can offer on-site Storage if you require a unit at your location. This is another big similarity with PODS which are often located at one place for long periods. We have had customers using our units at large music festivals. In 2019 we were at Body and Soul festival in Ballinalough Castle in Co Meath. StorageBox was used by Catapult Events to provide extra secure storage for the festival.

Please call us today to see if we have a solution for you or fill in our contact form for a really competitive quote.