How Self Storage can help with Document Storage


StorageBox Solution for Document & Archive Storage

Document Storage Disaster
Does this Mess Look Familiar????

With office space in Dublin a premium, your business can’t afford to waste space!

We bring a self storage unit directly to your door. You can store all your archive boxes in one of our mobile storage units and the best bit is that you never have to leave the door of your office, we will bring the Storage Unit to you!

Safe Storage

Document Storage

You will never lose your documents or archive boxes again as they will be stored in a purpose-built archive StorageBox. They will be stored safely protected with your own lock (only you will have the key) and when you want your documents retrieved you can visit the storage unit in our warehouse or easier still, get us to deliver the unit back to your door to add or get some files back.


Big Storage Savings €€€€€

By using one of our Mobile Self Storage Archive StorageBox you will save on costly office space.

Each StorageBox can safely store up to 112 Standard Archive Boxes which is a decent amount of shelf space in any office. terms of pricing we guarantee to beat any quote for similar archive or document storage in Dublin and the greater Dublin region. With our discount system, long term users (greater than 12 months) with multiple StorageBoxes get up to 40% off!

In Summary these are the advantages of using document storage with StorageBox.

  • Store your documents in your own secure self storage portable unit
  • Our Storage Units arrive to you – no van hire or time wasted driving to a storage center
  • Reduced handling of your Documents – pack once!
  • Each unit can safely take a tonne of weight
  • Access to your Storage Units when required
  • Save money and time with our fantastic pricing
  • We can arrange a team to pack the unit for you or pack at your own time frame
  • Secure Shredding at our facility can be arranged

Document Storage

Whether you need document and archive Storage for your office or any other form of Storage please pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 1850 28 28 28

For the best value in self-storage and service with a smile!